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This is my mirror collection of interviews with Steven "Woz" Wozniak, the driving force behind the original Apple I and Apple II computers. I like to thank all authors and copyright owners for the permission (if given yet) to share the articles.

Did I missed one?
If you know an interview that is not included,
please contact me.

Interviews with Steve "Woz" Wozniak, Apple Co-Founder

Title: Steve Wozniak on Apple, Jobs and the Value of a Good Prank
Date: 20. Feb. 2008 Author: Knowledge Wharton

Title: Steve Wozniak´s Founders at Work Interview
Date: xx. xx. 2007 Author: Jessica Livingston

Title: Wozniak Reflects on Founding Apple Computer
Date: December 2007 Author: Michele Chandler

Title: The Way It Woz: Steve Wozniak on All Things Apple
Date: 26 Oct. 2007 Author: Joanna Stern

Title: Creating Great Products with Woz
Date: xx. Sep. 2007 Author: A. Cohen and J. Rao

Title: Wozniak slams Apple for iPhone price drop snafu
Date: 24 Sept. 2007 Author: Steven Burke

Title: Wozniak's New Goal is Efficient Housing
Date: 14 Aug. 2007 Author: Evan Koblentzr

Title: Steve Wozniak · On The Future
Date: 20. July 2007 Author: Peter Moon

Title: Steve Wozniak v. Stephen Colbert — and Other Pranks
Date: 3 July 2007 Author: RU Sirius

Title: Woz Was Here - Steve Wozniak On His Gaming Past
Date: 4 May 2007 Author: Benj Edwards

Title: Wonderful Wizardry of "Woz"
Date: 7 Dec. 2006 Author: RU Sirius

Title: Woz Talks about Apple, IPOs, and Home Brew Computer Club
Date: 29 Nov. 2006 Author: Mac Greer

Title: Woz: I didn´t want to run companies
Date: 26 Oct. 2006 Author: Bobbie Johnson

Title: iWoz Logs Leap From Geek to Icon
Date: 24 Aug. 2006 Author: Rachel Metz

Title: The Great Woz Tells All
Date: 23. May 2006 Author: Hardy Green

Title: Q & A with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak
Date: 10 Apr. 2006 Author: John Boudreau

Title: The Wizard Who’s Woz
Date: xx. xx 2005 Author: David Pescovitz

Title: Q&A with Steve Wozniak · Pro File: Apple's Seeds
Date: 1. Oct. 2002 Author: Macworld Staff

Title: Wozniak's Fireside Chat
Date: 22. June 2001 Author: MacWorld Staff

Date: July 2000 Author: Jason Zasky

Title: Steve Wozniak Unbound
Date: 07 Jan. 2000 Author: Slashdot Crew

Title: An interview with Steve Wozniak
Date: November 1984 Author: Danny Goodman
Published: Creative Computing

Title: The Merry Pranksters of Microcomputing
Date: around 1984 Authors: Allan Lundell & G.M. Haugen
Published: Steve Ditlea's Digital Deli

Yet Undated Interviews with Steve "Woz" Wozniak

Title: Steve Wozniak· Engineer, and Founder of Apple Computer Inc
Date: n/a Authors : Jill Wolfson and John Leyba

Steve "Woz" Wozniak Biographys

Title: Steve Wozniak Biography
Date: 1996 Author: Manish Srivastava

Title: Woz Biography - From the Garage to the Gigabyte
Date: n/a Author: Autumn Spaulding

Steve "Woz" Wozniak Quotes

Title: Quotes by Steve WOZ Wozniak
Date: n/a Author: Jimmy Ruska

Did I missed one?
If you know an interview that is not included please contact me.

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